Citizenship- A legality or something more?

I can see why people feel that citizenship is only a legality. But there is way more to being a citizen of a country than just your name on a paper. As a citizen we have a civic duty to our country. A civic duty is a responsibility to do whatever you can to make society a better place to live. Civic duty includes obeying laws, paying taxes and participating in community activities that make society function. If people did not believe in a civic duty our country will not run smoothly. There are some people in our society that feel like they do not have to give back to the country we live in but that is a really selfish way to look at it. We take the things that we have for granted while other countries do not have the same opportunities that the United States offers. Its a shame that people try to cheat the system and not pay taxes when they easily can but will not for some reason. A big part of civic duty that people ignore and bothers me the most is pollution and littering. Countless Americans throw trash all over when they can easily just throw it in the trash. There are many damages that trash does to our country. The worst part is that it can so easily be avoided. I believe that if everyone felt that they had a civic duty to our society, the society will be a much better place to live in. 

With the way that our country is running, one can argue that citizenship is just a legality. We get a lot of opportunities as a citizen to excel in life but our country has became weaker and our economy is not where it should be. That could be a reason why people do not feel like it is there job to take care of our society. They feel that our society doesn’t deserve to be taking care off. Also,  another reason why people do not believe in the civic duty is because they feel that they will not make a difference. Every person can make a difference in this world and reform needs to be made or our once superior society will never turn around. 


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