My major

I never really knew what I wanted to do for a living since I was a little boy. My dreams and aspirations have changed drastically over the years and I still don’t know what I want. I came into this university with an intended major in accounting. I was always very interested in business but I do not know exactly which field of business best suits me. My family friend from my hometown is an Accountant and he showed me a lot of the tools and concepts used by accountants. I found it very interesting working with spread sheets and I like applying new concepts and learning on the fly. As I become older, I become more and more of a realist. I did a lot of research in high school about this occupation and I found that the demand for accountant jobs are very high. With todays economy in the recession more and more people are out of work. Accounting offers a lot of job security and they get paid very well. The average salary for an accountant is more than enough money that will help you support and provide for your family. Being an accountant you will have time to spend with your family. Sometimes it is tough during the busy season but it is not like all other business jobs where your work hours are crazy all year. Family is very important to me and to be able to spend time with them is something I value tremendously. 

Computers play a huge role in the accounting field. Accountants use the program Microsoft Excel daily to create financial statements. Also, they use excel to track the revenue and expenses of an individual or firm. Some companies have software where they can prepare tax returns. They can use computers for research as well. Accountants need computers for their everyday work and if they didn’t it would be less sufficient and nearly impossible. In this day and age computers play a role in almost every job. It has become such an technology based world nowadays. You either have to learn the new technology or you will not be able to perform in the workforce in this present day. Employers are always looking for people that are experienced with technology so no matter what field you go in too it is beneficial to learn. 


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