blog 4- STEM subjects

STEM is an acronym that is stands for the education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM education is becoming more and more popular means of teaching throughout the school systems because it is field that we can always use improvements in. Other countries are becoming more advanced every year because they are teaching their youth about these areas. They are starting to become experts in these fields and it is concerning to America. America ranks behind countries in these areas and it makes us look weak. The United States is a superpower and to continue to be a superpower we need to lead in all major categories. America has taken this into consideration because there has been numerous STEM programs and people are finally starting to find out about this alternative education. Studies have shown that female students are starting to show more interest in STEM programs. They are actually starting to show more interest in this program than men in recent years. President Obama has recently made it a priority to increase the number of students and teachers that participate in this program. He calls it “Educate to Innovate” and there is 250 million dollars to prepare students and teachers in the STEM field of education. 

Entering into the field where you have a STEM degree will increase your salary tremendously. This industry is growing at a rapid pace and to get a job in any of these field will guarantee you a healthy salary right out of the gate. A college student with a bachelors degree earns around 40K a year. Statistics have shown that if you graduate with a degree in one of the fields of STEM, you will make about double of that right out of college. Unemployment has been a huge problem over the years but there is a demand in STEM jobs over the years. You will get a job right out of college if you have this degree. It is predicted that the employment for these jobs will increase 17% in upcoming years. I would defiantly switch my career path if I was the type of person that can excel in this field. 





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