Blog 6- Battle of Social Media

As the years have gone on technology has progressed drastically. One of the most useful, and profitable forms of technology has been social media, specifically Instagram and Twitter. When it comes to the world news Twitter will always be the go to source. People post on twitter 24/7 and you are constantly getting updates on what is going on in the world. The impressive thing about twitter is that you can see what is trending throughout the whole world. I remember numerous times that I have learned about things going on in the world from just seeing a tweet about it. People tweet about sports news to the conflicts that are happening in Ukraine. It helps college students because we are on our phones constantly and the likelihood of them watching the news on the television is slim to none. When people can get updates to their phone which is on them all the time, they can see news updates directly to their phone. Instagram on the other hand is a whole different way of getting news. Instagram is straight photos. Even though you can post photos on Twitter, twitter is more for the writing instead of the pictures. Companies continuously use twitter and instagram accounts to learn about sales that they are going to be having. Colleges are now even creating accounts so that they can relay news to their target markets. Instagram is useful because it is more for the visual people. People that do not like to read rely more on instagram because it soley is just pictures. Companies can advertise new products and celebrities always post pictures of their social life so you know what is going on. Girls always want to know the gossip that goes on and this is a perfect way to see. They post pictures if they are on vacation, with their boyfriends or even food that they are eating. This sets trends for people because they want to act like their favorite celebrities and role models. Even news stations have set up accounts so that they can put pictures of stories that they have reported on. These forms of social media has created an easier more innovative way to share news with everyone. 

Along with positives always comes the negatives. There has been a study that has been conducted that social media has changed the way we have processed information. People can no longer read a book because they know that they can easily use social media to find out what it is about. It no longer allows people to critically think or think more in depth about things because we all want to take the easy way out. Another way that social media has hindered the way that we live is that we continuously are glued to our phones texting and calling our friends. A lot of people are so attached to their phones they barely have conversations with their families because they always want to be connected with their friends. People will always rely on these social media websites for information regarding the news. News stations and newspapers will soon run out of business in the new generation people never sit down to read the paper or watch the news. Once the old generation dies out, that is the end for news stations leaving people without jobs. Lastly, the credibility of the sources relaying the news to you has to be in question especially on twitter. Anyone can tweet news and people will believe it. There has been countless times that people posted things on the internet that is false but it tricks people into believing that it is true. This is how rumors get started and it is unfair to those people. They will share that fake news with people in conversation and be totally wrong and look stupid. Accounts on twitter try to be funny by trying to trick people into believing fake news but in the end it just hurting the education of todays youth. We cannot believe everything we read on the internet anymore because more likely than not the source giving you the information is not credible. 

I really believe that social media sites are a big advantage for us today because we are constantly connected with the world through the applications on our phones. I never watch the news or read newspapers but I am aware of what is happening in the world today. Without these social media sites I would not know anything that is happening around the world. 


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