blog 7- Privacy

I am firm believer that privacy has been exploited over the last couple years. The government can get surveillance and they can monitor almost anything through technology. No one is safe anymore because they can tap your phones and computers. They can tap cameras that are located all over the world and see what is happening and when it is happening. I think that all of your personal information should be kept private. Your bank accounts, telephone records and anything involving your personal life. The government can listen to your conversations when you are not even talking on it. It is amazing how much technology improved over the years and I am worried about how much more it will improve over the next several decades. I think that the most invasive thing the government can do is bugging another persons house. They can hear and see everything that you are doing 24/7. I only think that the government should be able to monitor others when they have probable cause. If the person is suspected of a crime or needs to be closely watched because they have real evidence that links them to illegal activity. 

Social media has become such an important part in peoples lives that they will pretty much post anything on the internet. My logic is that if you do not want your job or the government to see it then do not post it on the internet it is that simple. People care so much about their social lives that they want to make it look like they are having the best time in the world but in the long run it will just hurt you. I understand that pictures create memories and are fun to look back on but you do not need to post them on social media sites for the whole general public to see. I believe that companies and corporations have the right to look at all the published information on the internet but I really do not believe that it should effect whether you get the job or not. What is the big deal if you see a potential employee drinking underage? If the CEOs and managers are that naive to think that kids in college do not drink underage then I would not want to work for them. I know it is kind of a bad look for a company but what are really the consequences? If the employee can perform the job than it should not matter if there is a picture of them drinking on the internet. Also, there are numerous ways to protect yourself from companies viewing your profile. You can put it on private or you can just not post pictures of things that you do not want people to see. It is that simple. 


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