Illegal downloads

I personally believe that downloading music and movies online are a victimless crime because it is not like you are hurting anybody. There is so much more crime that should be focused on more than illegal downloading. I definitely can see why people can call it a big crime though. If you are downloading movies, books and music illegal you are taking copyrighted material without the owner allowing you to do so. It is ethically not the right thing to do because it is stealing. Even though this crime is not physically hurting someone such as rape, assault and abuse, it still is not the right thing to do. Countless people download things illegally every single day and they go without punishment. It was shown in 2008 that 95 percent of all music was illegally downloaded. That is a ridiculous number that needs to decrease drastically. A counter argument for this could be that the music, movie and book industry is a huge rip off to buy when it costs nearly nothing to make and is very expensive to buy. You will always have those people with morals that are afraid and don’t want to do anything illegal. You have those loyal fans that will always buy their favorite authors, musicians and actors movies but once the older generation dies out this illegal downloading will become an even bigger problem than it already is. The older generation does not really know how to download things illegally so they still buy the CDs and DVDs. With technology nowadays the younger generation can just plug the song, book title and movie into a website and instantly get the product without paying a single dollar. The government should start cracking down on this because it is killing this area of the economy.

Illegal downloading is the same exact thing as stealing. It is just like going into the store and stealing it. People are taking away from the sales of these products by illegally downloading them. I blame this on the government because they know that these websites are running and have the power to shut them down but they refuse to do so. I feel bad for the record companies, producers and publishers that put out these products because they don’t make all the money that they are supposed too. There revenue is without a doubt cut in half due to the fact of these illegal downloads. I think that there is a possible solution and if I were these companies I would really hope they take care of this. I don’t think that illegal downloads will ever stop and it will just keep getting worse as long as these websites keep running.



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