Watch Dogs

1. This alternate reality game ties into your privacy and your online relationships with people. This website can show me who looks at my Facebook profile, who I care about, what makes me vulnerable and where I live. This website knows everything about me and it was so easy as me just logging into Facebook. Its amazing to think that your “private” information can be accessed so easily and that total strangers know more about me than my own friends and family. I believe that this can be very embarrassing to people’s personal lives because they now know who constantly looks at their profile and who constantly is keeping tabs on you. Honestly, if you are in a relationship this hinder it because if your significant other sees that you are looking at another girls profile constantly she will start to think you have feelings for her and can cause problems in the relationship. Also, this can be a little scary because what if one of your random facebook friends that you have no idea who they are are the ones looking at your profile and knowing all of your personal information. That will make me very hesitant to post anything on Facebook and potentially cause me to delete it permanently. 

2. I believe that there is a bigger, more powerful example of this or atleast there will be in the future. It would be stupid to think that this is the most powerful example and anyone can access it. The more powerful ones are the websites that only professional hackers have access too or even the government. They would never let us know how easily our information can be accessed and how susceptible we all currently are to this. There is information being stolen everyday from numerous people and we have no idea when or how it is happening. For example, look at heartbleed. That was going on for two years and no one even knew that it was going on. There is way more powerful things out there and it scary to think what will be out there in a couple more years. 

3. This shows that there is no longer any privacy. At the bottom of this website it says that every post, picture, email and purchase can be tracked and monitored against you. You expose so much information online that you don’t even realize. Any person can see who your best friends are, where you live, where you work and who you care about. If someone was trying to hurt you they can use this information by this website to do so. They can see where you live and who you care about which can cause them to target your loved ones. Also they can see what I am worth and how many transactions I make. I really thought that the banks were the only ones that can access that information but clearly I was wrong. There are numerous hackers nowadays that can hack into your personal files and know everything about you. If this information can get into the wrong hands it could be highly dangerous. People can steal your identity through a click of a button. The government needs to really crack down on their security on the internet and monitor these things to make sure that they limit the amount of people accessing information. It is unfair to these people that put their trust into the government and into the United States. It is their duty to protect these individuals. Nothing is safe anymore so people should be very careful about what they post. 


Do You know whos watching you?

Sousveveillance is different from the regular surveillance that we are used to in the United States. We are constantly surveilled wherever we are whether we are aware of it or not. When one posts pictures and or has pictures of them posted on the internet they become that much easier to track. A sequence of posts creates a digital paper trail allowing one to be easily followed. Through social media alone one can gather information on that particular person’s whereabouts, who they are with, and what they plan on doing next. Even though social media sights provide security measures to help protect information one must still consider the posts of those around them that people may use to circumvent those measures. Social media provides instant access to personal information with little to no resistance and proves to a be a useful tool in the field of surveillance.

With wearable technology, such as google glasses, there will undoubtedly be in increase in the crowd sourcing of surveillance. Tools of sousveveillance allow for the every day citizen to become a 24 hour surveillance tool. Groups involved with surveillance such as the NSA are responsible for an immense number of people. Crowd sourcing of surveillance will help distribute this responsibility. With advancements in technology like the google glasses the NSA could easily crowd source their more tedious jobs out into the public. The glasses will also provide better vantage points of surveillance than more conventional tools would as everything is scene from the view point of said person. An eye level camera that can directly be involved in action is more practical than the typical stationary cameras put in place today. In conclusion, crowd sourcing will result in and increase in manpower which directly results in the increase of surveillance productivity.