Do You know whos watching you?

Sousveveillance is different from the regular surveillance that we are used to in the United States. We are constantly surveilled wherever we are whether we are aware of it or not. When one posts pictures and or has pictures of them posted on the internet they become that much easier to track. A sequence of posts creates a digital paper trail allowing one to be easily followed. Through social media alone one can gather information on that particular person’s whereabouts, who they are with, and what they plan on doing next. Even though social media sights provide security measures to help protect information one must still consider the posts of those around them that people may use to circumvent those measures. Social media provides instant access to personal information with little to no resistance and proves to a be a useful tool in the field of surveillance.

With wearable technology, such as google glasses, there will undoubtedly be in increase in the crowd sourcing of surveillance. Tools of sousveveillance allow for the every day citizen to become a 24 hour surveillance tool. Groups involved with surveillance such as the NSA are responsible for an immense number of people. Crowd sourcing of surveillance will help distribute this responsibility. With advancements in technology like the google glasses the NSA could easily crowd source their more tedious jobs out into the public. The glasses will also provide better vantage points of surveillance than more conventional tools would as everything is scene from the view point of said person. An eye level camera that can directly be involved in action is more practical than the typical stationary cameras put in place today. In conclusion, crowd sourcing will result in and increase in manpower which directly results in the increase of surveillance productivity.




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